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Chapter 47, Beasts of Prey,. . The extension of such contraction to a pervasive or whimsical degree has been mockingly labeled Aküfi (for Abkürzungsfimmel, strange habit of abbreviating). 33 While initial letters are commonly used to form an acronym, the original definition was "a word made from the initial letters or syllables of other words 34 for example univac from universal Automatic Computer. Retrieved September 4, 2017. Non-Chinese foreign borrowings ( gairaigo ) are instead frequently abbreviated as clipped compounds, rather than acronyms, using several initial sounds. On the other hand, in speech, the pronunciation "United States's" sometimes is used. Government program) Recursive acronyms, in which the abbreviation refers to itself GNU : "GNU's not Unix!" Wine : "Wine is not an emulator" (originally, "Windows emulator These may go through multiple layers before the self-reference is found: hurd : "hird of Unix-replacing daemons where "hird". Sometimes the letters representing these words are written in lower case, such as in the cases of "TfL" Transport for London and LotR ( Lord of the Rings this usually occurs when the acronym represents a multi-word proper noun. In inflected forms the abbreviation sign gershayim remains between the second-last and last letters of the non-inflected form of the acronym (e.g. Some examples of the syllabic type are Gestapo rather than GSP (for Geheime Staatspolizei, 'Secret State Police Flak rather than FAK (for Fliegerabwehrkanone, anti-aircraft gun Kripo rather than KP (for Kriminalpolizei, detective division police). Det ovan beskrivna bruket är mycket vanligt i exempelvis svenska, tyska och finska, medan andra språk hellre tillgriper andra medel. "BBC News Style Guide" (PDF).

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In some cases, however, other characters than the first can be selected. One of the earliest examples appears in The Hacker's Dictionary as mung, which stands for "mung Until No Good". Turabian,., A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 7th Edition, subsection.1.2 Modern Language Association (MLA) Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 7th Edition 2009, subsection.2.7.g Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA 5th Edition 2001, subsection.28 Publication. Roosevelt (also of course known as "FDR under the New Deal. 2, page 142 American Speech (1950) Vol. Arkiverad från originalet den 2 december 2013. When the first letter of a syllable has a tone mark or other diacritic, the diacritic may be omitted from the initialism, for example NA or NÁ for ông Nam Á ( Southeast Asia ) and lmca or LMCÂ for Liên minh châu Âu (. 41 Some prescriptivists disdain texting acronyms and abbreviations as decreasing clarity, or as failure to use "pure" or "proper" English. The requirement of forming a word is what distinguishes an acronym from an abbreviation (or initialism as it is also called). Acronyms are often distinguished from initialisms like FBI and NIH, whose individual letters are pronounced as separate syllables. Citation needed The spelled-out form of an acronym or initialism (that is, what it stands for) is called its expansion. 65 Further information: English possessive Case edit All-caps style edit The most common capitalization scheme seen with acronyms is all-uppercase ( all-caps except for those few that have linguistically taken on an identity as regular words, with the acronymous etymology of the words fading into. For instance, the full name of China's highest ruling council, the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC is "Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China". General grammatical considerations edit Declension edit In languages where nouns are declined, various methods are used. The logic of this style is that the pronunciation is reflected graphically by the punctuation scheme.

kontaktannonser gratis dating sida

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For the Latin plural of "pages paginae, or MSS for "manuscripts". "Localization" can be abbreviated "l10n " multilingualization " "m17n and " accessibility " "a11y". Just as the words laser and radar function as words in syntax and cognition without a need to focus on their acronymic origins, terms such as "rars" and " CHA2DS2VASc score " are geile tussen nackt geile babes irreducible in natural language ; if they are purged, the form. Often a writer will add an 's' following an apostrophe, as in "PC's". Japanese edit Main article: Japanese abbreviated and contracted words The Japanese language makes extensive use of abbreviations, but only some of these are acronyms. Backronyms are oftentimes used to comedic effect citation needed. "acronym" "Cambridge Dictionary of American English", accessed October 5, 2008: "a word created from the first letters of each word in a series of words." "acronym" "The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language", accessed August 13, 2015: "1. "Users of the term acronym make no distinction between those pronounced as words. OED Online Oxford University Press. Swahili edit In Swahili, acronyms are common for naming organizations such as "tuki which stands for Taasisi ya Uchunguzi wa Kiswahili (the Institute for Swahili Research). The rest of this article uses acronym for both types of abbreviation. Such punctuation is diminishing with the belief that the presence of all-capital letters is sufficient to indicate that the word is an abbreviation. The justification is that (1) readers are smart enough to figure out where the letters came from, even without their being capitalized for emphasis, and that (2) common nouns do not take capital initials in standard English orthography. Believe that acronyms can be differentiated from other abbreviations in being pronounceable as words. The distinction from acronym is not universally agreed-upon; in general, words such as nato, where the letters form a word, are regarded as acronyms, those such as FBI, where the letters sound as letters, are initialisms. The distinction is not well-maintained. Exceptions using initials for numbers include " TLA " three-letter acronym/abbreviation and "GoF" Gang of Four.

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Isbn Patel CB, Rashid RM (February 2009). Archived from the original on October 27, 2010. (from Latin ante meridiem, "before noon and.M. Long initialisms have become widespread in legal contexts in Vietnam. Other schools use a Koreanized version of their English acronym. "acronym" Oxford English Dictionary. This has become such a problem that it is even evaluated at the level of medical academies such as the American Academy of Dermatology. For the acronym html tag, see.

kontaktannonser gratis dating sida